A Message to ARC Fitness Members Regarding Billing & Membership During COVID-19

To All ARC Monthly, Annual, Track & Non-Commitment 30-Day Fitness Members,

The Woodridge Park District truly appreciates your patience as the District works through this unprecedented time. As much as we strive to get out information to you all in an expedited time frame, we first need to continually get thoroughly educated on the ever-changing information from public health officials, assess impacts on District operations both internally and externally, and understand various consequences on decision to be made. It is imperative that we continue to vet the information and decisions that affects us all before we convey that to you. We understand one’s anxiety and need for information associated with this issue on all fronts, and we will continue to keep you informed on a factual basis as soon as possible.

Our first priority is the safety of our workforce, the general public and the fitness membership that use District facilities; hence the first major decision per the recommendations of federal, state, county and local public health officials was to close all District facilities through April 5th to minimize the potential of community spread.

We have been and will continue to closely and actively monitor this fluid situation. Changes are occurring daily and sometimes hourly. In some cases, there simply are not yet answers to the questions we seek. Nonetheless, the following are answers to frequently asked questions that we can answer at this point in time and the decisions made:

How Long Will the Park District Be Shut Down?

As of this writing on March 17th, the District is officially closed through Sunday, April 5th. The District will continually monitor information and recommendations provided by federal, state and local public health officials in making future prudent decisions for the overall safety of District employees and facility users, which will be conveyed to all as soon as decisions are made.

Will Our Membership Terms Be Adjusted?  

Yes! Annual, Track and No-Commitment 30-Day Fitness Memberships will be adjusted to add the number of days to one’s membership period equal to the amount of days the facility is inaccessible during this emergency shutdown.

What Will Happen Regarding Billing for Members Who Are Billed Monthly?              

The April 2020 billing has been suspended and memberships will be extended through May 1st.

The Woodridge Park District and ARC Fitness staff acknowledges the importance of keeping healthy and active on a daily basis while still practicing social distancing. Stay tuned for recommended fitness opportunities.