Teen Memberships

Teen Fitness Memberships (Ages 14 & 15)


Membership Fee*

Monthly Installments Annual
Teen (Ages 14 & 15) $25 $240
*All fitness memberships are a 1-year agreement. Payments can be made in monthly installments or annually.

Teen memberships have many of the same benefits as our fitness membership with the following differences:

  • Teen must be accompanied by a parent/guardian while using the fitness equipment OR completion of the Teen Training Program (see below) for an additional $29 will allow teens to work out without a parent or guardian present.
  • Open gym and open turf is limited to the monthly scheduled days and times for the teens’ age group.

How to Purchase a Teen Membership

Parents must be present when purchasing a teen membership to sign all waivers and documents. Please make sure parents and teens initial and sign all areas the agreement and waiver. The parent/child will need to initial next to all guidelines and sign. Parent/guardian need to sign guidelines and waiver with fee information.

The following documentation must be provided when purchasing a teen membership:

  • Birth certificate/guardianship papers/passport
  • Proof of residency if signing up at a resident rate

Teen Membership Cards

Teens will receive a teen-specific membership card. A sticker on the back of the card will reflect whether the teen has an “All Access” or “Limited Access” Membership. This will aid in identifying teen members when they check in to the fitness center.

Teen Training Program: $29

Building a solid fitness foundation at a young age will prepare teens to adopt an active lifestyle for life.  It is our goal to help your teen commit to fitness by being a positive role model to them and a source for information to make sure that while they are utilizing the facility they are safe and set realistic goals for themselves.

The teen training program is a 1.5 hour training with a certified personal trainer. The trainer will go over use of all areas of the fitness center including track, cardio equipment, resistance equipment including free weights. The trainer can address any fitness/health goals your teen may have and will teach how to safely and effectively use the equipment in the fitness center. Teens learn weight lifting techniques, how to maintain proper form while performing exercises, and gym etiquette (putting away/cleaning the equipment they use, allowing others to work in etc).

Looking for other personal training options?  We also offer the following for an additional fee:

  • Sport specific training

Athletes often need specialized training and kids who want to pursue sports may want or need help from a professional to strengthen their bodies, increase their power and endurance and protect them from injuries.

  • Guidance for exercise

You may feel at a loss if your child wants to exercise or lift weights and you’re not sure you have the expertise to show them what to do.  If that’s the case, the right personal trainer can help you set up a good program that fits your child’s age, goals and fitness level

These trainings are offered as part of our regular personal training and are subject to our personal training rates.  Click here for personal training information!

Shoes must be worn in the Fitness Center at all times. Shoes must be closed-toed athletic shoes that cover the entire foot. Crocs, slides, and sandals are not permitted.