Turf Rentals

The 40×60 yard artificial turf athletic field can be subdivided into two 30×40 yard fields complete with baseball/softball batting cages, scoreboards, spectator seating and safety netting throughout the entire space. FieldTurf®, a world leader in artificial turf, installed the HD Classic turf system which features a safe, natural cork infill material on the top layer in place of traditional crumb rubber based systems.


In-Season Turf Rental Fees (November 1 – March 31)

Prime Hours (Monday–Friday 3:30–10 pm; Saturday/Sunday before 10 pm)

Resident Nonresident PD Program**
Quarter Field $60/Hour $70/Hour $35/Hour
Half Field $115/Hour $130/Hour $70/Hour
Full Field $215/Hour $235/Hour $130/Hour

Non-Prime Hours (Monday–Friday before 3:30 pm and after 10 pm; Saturday/Sunday after 10 pm)

Resident Nonresident PD Program** 
Quarter Field $40/Hour $50/Hour $35/Hour
Half Field $75/Hour $90/Hour $70/Hour
Full Field $135/Hour $155/Hour $130/Hour
**PD Program (Park District) in-season full field limit 3 hours per week; in-season half field limit 6 hours per week; off-season no limit per week.

Off-Season Turf Rental Fees (April 1 – October 31)

Resident & Nonresident
Quarter Field $35/Hour
Half Field $60/Hour
Full Field $120/Hour

Batting Cages* (located on turf)

Resident Nonresident
 15 minute $8 $12
 30 minute $13 $20
 60 minute $25 $35
*Batting Cages free of charge to teams renting half or full turf.


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