Gym Rentals

The ARC is home to two gymnasiums which feature a high-quality wood floor system, state-of-the-art equipment, divider curtain, bleachers and scoreboards. The MAC gym, opened in 2018, also has a pre-and-post-game meeting area.

The main gymnasium is a high school-size basketball court, 50’ x 84’, which can be converted to:

  • 2 junior high size (50’ x 74’) courts or
  • 4 biddy size basketball courts or
  • 3 volleyball courts or
  • 3 badminton or pickleball courts

The MAC gym’s court is 50’x78’ with 6 baskets and can be converted to:

  • 1 regulation-size volleyball court
  • 3 badminton or pickleball courts
Gym Rental Fees Category A
Resident Individual, Affiliated Organizations,
or Organized Groups (50% WPD Residents Required)
Category B
Non-resident Individual, Organized Groups
(less than 50% WPD Residents)
Gym 1, Gym 2
or MAC Gym
$40/hour $55/hour
Gym 1 & 2 $70/hour $100/hour


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