Take the Guess Work Out of Planning Outdoor Practices This Spring; Book the ARC Indoor Turf & Batting Cages

Why fight the spring weather when you can rent a turf space and batting cages to practice in a controlled and comfortable environment at the ARC?

Batting Cage Rental Information

Each batting cage includes a manual One-Wheel First Pitch XL Combo Pitching Machine for baseball and softball, L Screen, yellow dimpled baseballs or softballs and a batter’s box mat. Speed on the machines can throw baseballs up to approximately 80 mph. If a machine is used, only an adult (18 years old and older) may feed the balls into the machine. Anyone under 18 in the cage must wear a helmet at all times.

Individual Batting Cage Rental Rates         

15 minutes: $8(R)/$12(N)

30 minutes: $15(R)/$20(N)

Spring Discount! 60 minutes: $25(R)/$35(N)

Batting Cage Availability

Mondays: 4-7 pm (one cage), 7-9 pm (two cages)

Tuesdays: 4-8 pm (two cages)

Wednesdays: 4-6:30 pm (two cages), 6:30-7:30 pm (one cage)

Thursdays: 4-6:30 pm (two cages), 6:30-9 pm (one cage)

Fridays: 4-7:30 pm (two cages)

Saturdays: 8 am-2 pm (one cage), 2-8 pm (two cages)

Sundays: 9 am-2:30 pm (two cages), 6:30-7:30 pm (two cages)

Turf Field Rental

In-Season (Oct 1 -Apr 30) Individual Half (120 ft. x 90 ft.): $110/hour

Off-Season (May 1-Sep 30) Individual Half (120 ft. x 90 ft.): $60/hour

Contact Brad Keene at bkeene@woodridgeparks.org or (630) 353-3418 for reservations or more information.