Kidz Club

Phase 4 guidelines for reopening have been issued by the Illinois Department of Commerce and in these guidelines, drop-in child care areas must adhere to the current state guidelines for childcare facilities. Upon review, we have determined that our KIDZ Club program would not be able to comply with the current guidelines so we are unable to reopen at this time.  We will closely monitor any revisions to the guidelines and then reevaluate opening the KIDZ Club area.  

If you currently have a KIDZ Club membership, we will cancel it effective immediately. If you have a KIDZ Club punch pass, we will refund monies to your account based on the unused portion of your pass.

KIDZ Club 

KIDZ Club is for children ages 9 months-6 years to use while their parent/guardian are using the fitness center. KIDZ Club is not intended for usage by parent/guardian who are attending or watching a game, class or any other non-fitness related activity of another child/parent/self. All children must be an immediate family member of the fitness participant.

Reservations are NOT required. Availability is on a first come, first served basis. Check-in at the customer service registration desk to be sure there is room for your child before paying. A maximum number of children will be set based on availability of space, staff and enrollment.

Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

KIDZ Club Membership Add-on Fee 1 Child 2  or More Children
Weekly $10/week $15/week
Monthly $15/month $20/month
KIDZ Club Membership Add-on is only available for ARC fitness members.
KIDZ Club Punch Card Fees Fitness Member Resident Nonresident
Hourly $4 $5 $6
5-Hour Punch Card $16 $20 $28
10-Visit Punch Card $30 $40 $50

Using KIDZ Club

»Check-in at the customer service registration desk to be sure there is room for your child before paying.

»There will be a two-hour maximum per day.

» Children must be signed in and signed out by the same parent/guardian.

» Food or drinks are NOT allowed inside KIDZ Club room.

» It is strongly recommended that you take your child to the bathroom before coming to KIDZ Club. If your child requires bathroom use while attending, a staff member will accompany them to the family restroom and stand outside the door and then escort them back to the childcare room. Staff will not assist with any bathroom needs.

» A diaper changing area is available in the family restrooms. Parents are responsible for changing diapers and will be notified by staff should a child require changing.

» To protect all the children and staff attending KIDZ Club, we will not admit a child that shows any symptom of illness or who is home from school that day.

» Staff will not administer medication.

» The KIDZ Club family information form must be completed and on file with staff. This form needs to be completed once every calendar year.


Click here to download the Family Information Sheet and KIDZ Club Waiver